The Horse

Rudy's first horse show

Rudy is a 17h Danish Warmblood gelding. He is as quirky as he is athletic. And as fun as he is trusting. He enjoys sucking on peppermints, sticking out his tongue (and flailing it), grazing, jumping big jumps, bossing around his pasture mates, trail riding, and being adorable.

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Rudy stepped off the trailer and into my life in March of 2009. He was an underweight, under muscled, hairy 4 year old that had only be sat on a handful of times. He came to me with no name. Upon receiving his passport from the seller I discovered his registered name to be “Rambler”. Well that had to go. My trainer at the time suggested we stick with the “R” theme. And that is where Rudy came from. It took us months to decide on a USEF/showname (I was not a fan of Rambler). My mom came up with the name Relevance. I didn’t know it then, but that name and the meaning attached to it was perfect. This special horse has certainly proven to have “Relevance” in my life.

It hasn’t always been a smooth journey. An injury that set us back a year, loss of confidence, internal fear of indoor rings, colic, and countless struggles are all battles that have made us an even stronger team. He has taught me far more then I have taught him and he continues to teach me something new every day.

Rudy started his “career” in the hunter ring. He did a few Baby Green and Pre-Child/Adult  shows (broken up over time due to an injury at age 5) before he debuted in the 3′ hunters and equitation in late 2010. 30458_1198286722837_4341604_n

2011 started the transition to the jumper ring. We remained in the 3′ Adult Amateurs when showing indoors in order to instill confidence while beginning to dabble in the Low Adult Amateur Jumper division towards the end of the year. In 2012 we competed consistently in the 559423_1572094987810_432568557_n1.0m Low Adult Amateur Jumpers. We wrapped up 2012 by attending the Emerging Athlete Program where Rudy helped me qualify as an alternate rider for the National EAP. We competed in the Zone 3 finals, qualifying for the jump-off and ending up 6th with one rail. We also competed in the MidAtlantic Equitation Finals, earning 5th out of 32.

In 2013 we moved up to the 1.10m-1.15m High Adult Amateur Jumpers.  We qualified for the Southeast Adult Jumper Regional Championships. Our team finished 4th (Nations Cup format) and independently me and Rudy placed 11th. Rudy completed his first 1.20m class with a professional at the Atlanta Summer Classic. Me and him did our first 1.20m class at a local schooling show in July. I now feel as though my horse has as much confidence in me as I do in him. Goals continue to develop and aspirations continue to increase.



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