Winning attitude

Today me and Rudy had a great show day! We attended the Greensboro Hunter Jumper Classic ‘A’. I decided to just trailer in for the day for financial reasons. We competed in the 1.15m and the 1.20m (EEK! Our first 1.20m at a rated show!). Rudy was amazing; he was very responsive and bold. We BOTH had a lot of fun!

The numbers in the jumpers were small, so our two firsts place ribbons were not anything to brag about. But what I will shamelessly brag about is how far my horse has come and our recent consistency. I feel confident entering the competition ring that we will lay down a solid, respectable round. Small details is now what costs us a rail or time faults or a simple mistake. He is consistent and I am consistent.

What I was most impressed about today was when I made a mistake my horse tried harder and jumped better! Previously, a not so stellar ride on my part resulted in poor jumping form, a rail, a missed inside turn, or a stop in the extreme cases (…not in a while *knock on wood*). Recently, I have been able to give him a better ride and instill such confidence in him that I feel he WANTS to try for me. It’s an amazing feeling! It felt like such a milestone in his training. But training aside, Rudy is the amazing athlete he is because of his tremendous work ethic, trust, boldness, and “winning attitude”. He enjoys his job and that was apparent today. It inspires me to want to try even harder for him. To give him the best ride possible. Granted, that has always been the goal…but still!

I was able to get some video of our two rounds. I will share those and a more detailed recap tomorrow or Monday!

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