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Barn shopping: what constitutes quality?

Well folks, me and Rudy will be starting a new adventure soon. I will be attending Purdue University for a Master’s in Entomology come January of 2014!  The luxury life of living outside 24:7 and occasional days in the 70s … Continue reading

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Dressage and developing a good seat

Today I asked my best friend to help me on the flat to improve my seat. She is an eventer and, in my opinion, has very good dressage work. I trust her as an extra pair of eyes on the … Continue reading

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Lesson recap: Break it down into steps…

Lesson today! Rudy was great. He was a trooper jumping around a few extra times in order for me to learn something. We started off the lesson with flatwork, per usual. At the trot we focused on frequent half-halts in … Continue reading

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How to: Clean horse tack

I am very particular about my horsey things. Aside from my horse, my tack and stall are what I obsess over the most…That’s a lie. I obsess over everything being clean: horse boots, saddle pad, polos, organized locker, water buckets, etc.  If you … Continue reading

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“Ten Habits of Competent Riders” This blog post provides a great list of attributes that every rider (or human being for that matter) should strive for. The only thing I would disagree with is the use of “competent”. To me, “competent” sounds … Continue reading

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Timing is everything

It was a beautiful day here in North Carolina. In a state known for HOT and HUMID summers, high temperatures in the 70s-80s in August is unheard of. And what do horse people instantly think of when they hear clear skies, low humidity, with … Continue reading

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Technology: tools to learning!

First of all, Rudy was fabulous today. Per usual. About 3 times a week I like to take him out on the trails that surround the property. They aren’t much. Only take about 15 minutes to complete the loop at … Continue reading

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