Just a girl and her horse.

I am a newcomer to the blogging world. And let me say, it is intimidating. However, I think I will enjoy it and believe I can relate to many of you out there. After all, I am “just a girl” (woman, if you will).

Not everyone will be interested in me or this blog. Duh. But you head-over-heels, wake up at 4 AM, ain’t scared of a little dirt,  HORSE LOVING people out there…well, you might find what I have to say of some (if miniscule) interest.

I haven’t won a national title. I don’t compete weekend after weekend. I don’t own multiple horses. I don’t board at a large fancy facility. I have LittleRelevance in this sport (Jumpers mainly. Which will become more apparent as the blog develops!). I am “just a girl” after all. But the “her horse” portion of the tagline has taught me more about life then any trainer, book, DVD, university, etc. ever could. That one horse…he’s more then “just a horse”. He’s my teammate, friend, teacher, and inspiration.  I would love to share anything he, other horses, or this crazy horse world has taught me. That is, If you care to listen (which if you don’t that’s totally cool too).


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